Atheists at Work – Homeless Outreach – How to Help

We are a group of Atheists, Humanists, Freethinkers, Skeptics, Agnostics, and Secular nonbelievers that want to provide support in our community service efforts. We meet the LAST SUNDAY of the month somewhere on the corner of Frio and West Houston at 10:00am. We set up tables and create a buffet style hygiene supply giveaway. Our average giveaway helps more than 100 people each month.Each customer gets to decide what they want or need from the items given. They aren’t given much of a choice in lives. We want to make sure we are serving their needs as much as we can.

Items we giveaway include but are not limited to:

  • Clothing
  • Personal Hygiene supplies
  • First Aid kit items
  • Sunscreen
  • Bottled Water
  • Prepared / prepackaged snacks such as chips, bananas, peanut butter crackers

Want to help? There are several ways

  1. Making donations of funds (that go directly to the Atheists at Work account) through the DONATE NOW button below.
  2. You can also check out the Amazon Wishlist that we purchase items for each month and it is sent directly to the coordinator.
  3. You can come join us for the giveaway, if you are coming to help, you can bring a few items.
  4. Share our efforts from our Facebook page only for this event.
  5. Or you can add us as an Amazon Smile Account that gives donations to STAR each time you order from Amazon.

Please consider donating funds or supplies to help us continue to help as many people as possible!