Help STAR Adopt a Hurricane Survivor

In response to the request for help, STAR has decided to try to help adopt a family. Here are the details.

Social Services is currently assisting families that have been devastated by the recent hurricane, many of whom previously suffered from the Brazos river flooding in 2016. In the last two days of providing direct assistance, clients have expressed a need for school clothes, school supplies, underwear, etc. If you or your church, business, or organization would like to adopt a family please contact Social Services at 281 238-3504 and we can provide you with sizes for clothes, shoes, underwear and gender of family members. If you would like to assist the family with other things, such cleaning their home, purchasing appliances, purchasing rebuild materials, etc. we would be more than happy to assist in coordinating this with the family.

As of today, we currently have 60 (+) families waiting to be adopted by YOU!

Update: With the donations we received, we were able to help out 2 families. One single mom and son, and a mom, dad, and 2 sons with clothing, cleanup kits, and school supplies.

If you would like to continue helping us with our support of this family, please consider a donation so we can get the supplies they need for the next round of recovery.

Here are some of the supplies we were able to purchase and deliver with your help.