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Atheists! Agnostics! Freethinkers! Skeptics! Humanists! Secular Nonbelievers!

Looking for a great cause for which to donate or a family friendly group? Become a member of a fun organization that loves to plan events and get involved with community service.

We are looking for those who want a supportive environment to share your joys and disappointments that life throws at us. We do so without relying on the supernatural. We are looking for people who want to be able to live their truth and be around others who do the same. We are not an activist, political, or advocate group. We are a community service group that works together to make our world a better place by helping each other and our community.

If you have any questions before joining, please feel free to contact us on Facebook or email us directly.

All new members in May get an added bonus of the following:

$75-$100 Family Level – Choose between a STAR ballcap or an additional shirt – a $25.00 value

All other levels get free dog tags included in your membership!

AND – We will schedule 2 STAR sponsored events to welcome all new May members. The dates will be scheduled for June.

Benefits include:

Let’s make a difference together!



You will receive a choice of STAR Adult Ball Cap, STAR/Nebular T-Shirt and be able to bring…


With your membership you will receive one year membership to all member events. T-shirt and…


Your Annual Individual/Renew Membership will give you one year of access to the member…


This includes a choice of STAR/Nebula t-shirt/Adult Ball Cap and an engraved dog tag. You can…


With this membership you are included in weekly newsletters and are invited to all members…